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We would like to share our story with all of you about why we are at the point we are today. The following will explain the thought process that has moved us to a place personally to create the “The Big O Foundation”. This is a non-profit organization that was created to help the families of Montcalm County deal with different aspects of a cancer diagnosis. 

In the Fall of 2017, our lives were shaken up and we were thrown into many thoughts of disbelief, fear, and worry. As a senior in college, Oryan had pain and discomfort in his groin area. Through a couple of doctor visits, we were informed that he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer. As most people would, our minds immediately went to worst case scenario. When we received the diagnosis, wheels were set in motion to attempt to rid his body of this terrible disease. On October 30th of 2017, less than 10 days from diagnosis, he had surgery to remove the tumor. This resulted in a testicle being removed. There was still doubt about whether the cancer had spread. Through quarterly, semi-annual, and annual screenings and blood draws Oryan has been diagnosed 90% Cancer free. There is always a chance that it can show up in another area of his body. The oncologist has told us that once he reaches the 10-year mark, then they will consider him cancer free.

About a week after surgery, Oryan received a check in the mail from a non-profit organization. Their form letter read, (paraphrased) “this is for you to help with any expenses that you might have during your fight”. Our family was humbled by the thought of these folks sending him monetary support. At first, Oryan wanted to send the money back to the organization with a letter thanking them and asking that the money be sent to another patient that might be in a tight financial situation. Our family talked about this and decided that we would find a way to “pay it forward” This was the birthplace of the Kicking Cancer with Oryan Golf Outing. 

We started this outing to fund raise for the purpose of helping Montcalm County families. In our first three years, we were able to donate approximately $37,000.00 to this organization. We were ecstatic with the turn out and support for our event. After the 2020 outing, Oryan decided that he wanted to start his own foundation with a similar, but different approach. Oryan wanted to include, in his mission, helping cancer patients with mental health therapy. Oryan went to therapy dealing with survivors’ guilt. This was something that we as a family had never encountered prior. We see the need to help with this, so it is included in what we are doing with “The Big O Foundation”.

The “Big O Foundation” was founded in January of 2021. We will focus on three main areas.  The first area is direct monetary support for cancer patients of Montcalm County. If someone is diagnosed, we ask any of their friends and family to notify us. This information will be kept private and will not show any names on our reporting. It might not be a ton of money, but you never know someone’s situation. It could mean the difference in having gas to get to an appointment or not being able to make it. Second, we will be offering at least one scholarship at each of the seven High Schools in Montcalm County to a qualifying graduating senior. Third, we will offer monetary support for those patients that need help with a mental struggle that they may be having as it relates to their cancer diagnosis.  In the short time of our foundation’s existence, we have been able to raise a total of $56,364.00 from our golf outing and donations.

We thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions, please get with Chris, Sarah and Oryan or any of our board members. We can help answer anything that you might have.

If you wish to donate to The Big O Foundation, please make any checks out to “The Big O Foundation”. 

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